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Straightforward, intuitive yet powerful smart contract builder for everyone. Create, deploy and manage tokens, NFTs and other smart contracts in minutes.

TokenForge Smart Contract

No-code crypto solutions

TokenForge is a fast-growing collection of no-code blockchain solutions to effortlessly use in your web3 projects.

Fungible tokens

Any one token is exactly equal to any other token; no tokens have special rights or behavior associated with them. This makes fungible tokens useful for things like a medium of exchange currency, voting rights, staking, and more.

Any use case

Whether creating a token for your community or a play-to-earn game, you can easily customize and deploy it with TokenForge.


You'll be able to add to your contract many useful addons like token minting, burning, limited supply or balance snapshots.

Control panel

After deploying the token, you'll be able to interact with the stored contract in the blockchain through a dead-simple panel.

Non-fungible tokens

These come up in situations like real estate or collectables, where some items are valued more than others due to their usefulness, rarity, etc.

Mint NFT

Effortlessly deploy your image, video, audio or art file to any of the most known blockchains.

NFT collections

Have more than one item? Pack them all into a single collection and easily display them on a purchase page.

Gated content

Do you need to provide gated access to other content? TokenForge is also suitable for selling access to websites, content or events.
Create a NFT form with TokenForge

Easy smart contracts you control

Create a new currency or mint an NFT in a few clicks. Use our platform to take things into your own hands and control your smart contracts.

No-code solution

With TokenForge you can create smart contracts without writing a single line of code.

Multi-chain support

With support for the most popular blockchains, choose the one that better fits your project.


You will be the owner of your contracts. Download its source code. It’s yours!

Admin panel

Control your tokens and NFTs from the admin panel. Perform any actions in a few clicks.

Free contract testing

Learn how it works, free-of-charge, in the test net before deploying an actual contract.

Useful statistics

Stay ahead with updated info and statistics for every contract you deploy to the blockchain.

Permission levels

Invite team members to help you manage smart contracts and assign permissions accordingly.

Always evolving

TokenForge receives updates weekly and many more new cool features are coming soon.

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